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Hydroseeding has been commercially used since the 1950’s and is now increasingly popular with residential clients. Offering nearly all the benefits of sod, hydroseeding costs much less and is installed more quickly than sod. Our hydroseeding mixture contains certified seed mixes, fertilizer & bio-nutrients, mulch, and a bonding (glue) agent. This combination of ingredients is mixed with water then sprayed onto prepared topsoil. Because we can use grass seed best suited to your light and soil conditions, you get custom grown grass for your project. The photos shown to the right illustrate how quickly our process works.


Sod is grown on sun-drenched fields, and requires up to 2 years of watering and chemical treatment to prepare for market. Hydroseeding is designed to quickly and efficiently produce the lawn best suited to the location. Grass varieties are chosen based on the project's specific requirements so that your lawn thrives over the long term. The mulch in our product utilizes recycled wood & paper that is biodegradable while adding protection and nutrition to the growing grass. Unless you need your lawn right away, hydroseeding will save you a significant amount of money and give you the best lawn for your location.

Please contact us if you're considering hydroseeding your new landscape. Not all hydroseeding is the same, and we'd be happy to explain what sets our product apart from the competition with a free estimate.

fresh hydroseeding application on may 11th

1 month after hydroseeding application june 4th


Key Benefits of the Service

Consider hydroseeding for your next project. Contact National Capital Irrigation & Hydroseeding Inc.

 Grow a thick, luxurious lawn quickly
  A fraction of the price of sod
  Minimize your environmental impact
  Reduce your labour requirements

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