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SAVE MONEY and rediscover the potential of your lawn

With our hydroseeding service, you'll be enjoying your new lawn in as little as 3 weeks, for a fraction of the price of sod. Your hydroseeding application is completed in a matter of hours, and with lower watering requirements than sod, you'll have your new lawn in a matter of weeks.  Whether you're finishing up a new home build, or replacing your existing lawn, you should consider hydroseeding as a cost-effective alternative to sod.  Oftentimes, we can provide homeowners with a new irrigation system and a hydroseeded lawn for less than the price of sod alone.  The photos to the right illustrate how quickly this process works.


Sod is grown on sun-drenched fields, and requires up to 2 years of watering and chemical treatment to prepare for market. Hydroseeding is designed to quickly and efficiently produce the lawn best suited to the location. Grass varieties are chosen based on the project's specific requirements so that your lawn thrives over the long term. The mulch in our product utilizes recycled wood & paper that is biodegradable while adding protection and nutrition to the growing grass. Unless you need your lawn right away, hydroseeding will save you a significant amount of money and give you the best lawn for your location.

Please contact us if you're considering hydroseeding your new landscape. Not all hydroseeding is the same.  We'd be happy to provide you with a free, detailed estimate that outlines our approach to your project.

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Key Benefits of the Service

Considering hydroseeding your new lawn, or to tackle a lawn renewal project?

We're happy to offer a free estimate and advice that suits your budget and expectations.

Whether preparing your new or existing landscape for hydroseeding, to caring for it following the application, we're happy to help with free advice based on nearly two decades of demonstrated industry experience.

  • Grow your new lawn in a matter of weeks.

  • Hydroseed your lawn at a fraction of the price of sod

  • Our hydroseeded lawns require less water to establish than sod.

  • Save time & money with our hydroseeding service.

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