We offer three levels of maintenance for your automatic sprinkler system, and we want to ensure that your system performs well and provides you with decades of flawless service, regardless of the weather.

Because lawns require nutrition and care beyond watering, we also provide you the option of having us apply a premium fertilizer during our service visits. If grubs are a problem we can also treat your lawn for those. Check out the details later in this document.

Our Annual Maintenance Program (AMP)

When you choose our Annual Maintenance Program, you will receive our Opening Service this spring and our Closing Service at the end of the season. Here is what each includes:

Opening Service

Our technician will open, set, and test your entire irrigation system. Parts on warranty will be replaced at no charge. Other parts replaced will be billed separately. By accepting this service, you authorize National Capital Irrigation to proceed with up to the specified amount on your sign-up form, worth of parts/repairs above the original cost of the opening service. Pre-authorization of these repairs help to minimize your total service costs ensuring your system is repaired in a single visit whenever possible. For larger repairs, we will contact you with a formal estimate before proceeding. Please contact us with any questions regarding this procedure. Your opening will include:

Checking for proper control valve operation (manually, or electrically if we have access to the timer). The technician will visit each valve box and verify all waterproof connectors are in place to prevent corrosion of wiring and connections, when possible.

Checking and adjusting all spray patterns to properly cover areas to be watered. Heads are adjusted to minimize overspray onto hard areas (buildings, pathways, roadways, etc.)

Checking all sprinkler heads, valves, and connections for leaks. This ensures maximum operating efficiency of your sprinkler system, and will minimize waste of water.

Checking the rain sensor for proper operation. This includes making sure the sensor is securely mounted and positioned properly (ice & snow over the winter period can cause the sensor to require recalibration).

Checking the system timer. If we have access to the timer, we will make sure that scheduling is set. Our base program sets the system to operate every second day. Rotor zones (large grass areas) receive 30 minutes of run time. Spray zones (garden and small grass areas) receive 15 minutes of run time. These are average times and technicians will adjust based on your property’s needs. Should you prefer different scheduling, or prefer to make these adjustments yourself, please notify us on the Maintenance Agreement.

Closing Service

The closing service is essential for every irrigation system, regardless of the size or amount of use. During the closing service, our technicians will safely evacuate all water from the irrigation system using high-volume, low-pressure air compressors. By choosing to have us close your irrigation system for the season, you can rest assured that the service is done correctly.

Our Deluxe Maintenance Program (DMP)

Our Deluxe Maintenance Program includes all the services described immediately above for our Annual Maintenance Program, plus you will receive an additional service call mid-season. This service ensures that your system is operating to its full potential during the hottest summer months. This service is similar to the opening service, (our technicians go through and test your entire irrigation system), but allows for a tune-up once all plants are at peak growth. It is also a great way to address smaller deficiencies in your irrigation system that may go unnoticed until your lawn/garden suffers notable damage when the hot and dry weather typically occurs.

Our Closing Only Service

Some customers choose to open their own system and maintain it throughout the season. For those customers, we offer this essential Closing Only service. The details are provided above in the “Closing Service” section.

Our Fertilizer Program

Your sprinkler system keeps your lawn and green landscape properly hydrated. However, your lawn doesn’t receive all the nutrition it requires from water alone. Applying a good quality fertilizer at appropriate intervals greatly improves the look, thickness, and strength of your lawn. In addition to looking great, a well-watered and nourished lawn is much more effective at controlling weeds. If you find it a hassle to fertilize your lawn on a regular basis, please ask for a quote. We apply a premium granular fertilizer appropriate for the time of year we are applying it. Your lawn will quickly green up, and then its controlled release nutrition will feed your lawn over a longer period. Our fall fertilizer will prepare your lawn for the winter.

You may wish to request a quote when you complete your Maintenance Agreement.

Our Grub Control Program

Fighting an insect infestation can be a frustrating experience when trying to maintain a lawn. Grubs are a common cause of lawn damage. Nematode applications introduce a microscopic worm that exterminates soil-dwelling insects. Thankfully, these nematodes are harmless to humans, animals, plants, and earthworms. We apply nematodes at appropriate times during the season.

You may wish to request a quote when you complete your Maintenance Agreement.

Other Services

We would like to remind you that we have been doing landscape lighting projects for a number of years now. Many of our irrigation customers have had us install lighting systems for them, or service a system they already have. If you are considering landscape lighting for further beautification and security of your home or business surroundings this year, please discuss your plans with us. We will gladly design the system you want, provide you with a quote, and install your system this spring if you desire that. And, if you invest in a landscape lighting system from us, you know we will install it properly, and we will always be there if you require service.

We have also offer drainage services.  More specifically, we are improving the drainage away from homes by installing channel drains and buried drainage lines that carry water away from the home.  Contact us, if drainage around your home is a problem you want solved.

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