National Capital Irrigation & Hydroseeding Inc. has always placed its top priority on it employees and customers. In the current environment that focus is particularly on the health of everyone. We are asking our employees to practice social distancing as much as possible and working from home whenever possible. If any employee is not feeling well, we ask that they stay home. We are asking customers and suppliers to take a similar approach. If customers or suppliers are not feeling well, please seek appropriate medical treatment for yourselves and please protect the rest of us by avoiding contact. Rescheduling events is far better than risking anyone’s health.

For customers, please remember that we carry out most services without entering your home and with no need for you to even be home. 

We can currently carry out quotes for any of our services while practicing and expecting everyone to respect ample social distancing. Rather than providing you with brochures or other physical documents during any quote visit we will send everything to you via email. You can always email or phone us.

 It appears likely that the Covid-19 risk will remain high when we begin making customer calls this season. Our employees will practice social distancing and we will ask our technicians to use a disinfectant wipe on your controller when they have completed all service.  We continue to listen to and heed Canada’s health experts.

This will be a particularly important year for people to be able to enjoy their homes and properties. We will be there to ensure that your automatic sprinkler system is giving you the beautiful landscape you desire. We are available now during regular hours to schedule quotes and answer your questions. Reach us by phone or by email.