Hydroseeding Services

National Capital Irrigation & Hydroseeding is the Ottawa expert to call for successful hydroseeding.  We have the experience in selecting the right products for your terrain.  We own the specialized equipment needed for all but the largest commercial jobs.  And, we employ experienced applicators who properly carry out each hydroseeding project using premium seed, fertilizer and mulch.

People are generally aware of the challenge faced when establishing a new lawn by simply spreading grass seed and then watering it.  Because the grass seed is unprotected, there is increased risk that the grass seed will be washed away, blown away, or eaten by birds before your grass can establish itself.  

Hydroseeding addresses these challenges by spraying a water-based mixture of mulch, grass seed, fertilizer and a binding agent onto your prepared soil.  The mulch retains moisture to nourish the grass seed and provides added protection against erosion.  With proper watering your hydroseeded lawn will begin germinating in about a week during the warmest months.  Two to three weeks later you will begin cutting it.  With each hydroseeding job, we provide detailed written guidance on lawn care.

Compared to installed sod, you should find hydro-seeding more economical if grassing more than 1000 square feet.  On sloped areas where laying sod is a challenge, we can hydro-seed.  A thicker mulch can be applied to slopes to combat erosion.  Additionally, hydroseeding allows you to choose the perfect grass blend for your situation.  

The area you plan to hydroseed should be prepared just as it would be if you were to plant grass seed or have sod laid.  If your preparation and grading has not been done, we can also oversee that for you.

Many customers maximize the return on their investment by choosing to have us install an automatic sprinkler system and hydroseed. The investment isn’t significantly more than sodding alone would cost, and their new sprinkler system keeps their lawns beautiful each summer. 

For many residential hydroseeding jobs we will be able to give you a quote following a short conversation to understand your needs.  Otherwise, we will visit the site and provide a hassle-free quote.  Let’s talk.