Warranty Information for New Systems

When you invest in an irrigation system from National Capital Irrigation Systems, we back it with an industry-leading warranty, and we include additional value with our included service.

Unless your contract specifies otherwise, your new sprinkler system carries the following warranties and service.

Your Five (5) Year Warranty on all system components covers: 

  • exterior materials in your system including pipe, fittings, sprinkler heads, and nozzles.
  • interior plumbing parts including pipe, fittings, and the backflow preventer.
  • electrical components including wire for valves and sensors, the controller and components.
  • any defect in the system associated with workmanship.

Warranty Restrictions

Our warranty does not cover replacement of any of the system components due to physical damage.  Unfortunately, certain components of the system can be damaged, most commonly by snowplow operators, yard maintenance crews (e.g. aeration), and improper winterization.

Our warranty coverage applies to the original purchaser of the irrigation system.

The Parts & Labour warranty applies to the irrigation system while you have National Capital Irrigation Systems maintain (open & close) your irrigation system each year.  As a standard, regardless of who maintains it, our irrigation systems carry a 3 year parts warranty and 2 year labour warranty.

One Year of Free Service & Maintenance

Unless your contract specifies otherwise, the first year of service of your new irrigation system is free. This offer includes the following:

  • Winterization of the system at the close of the first season.
  • Opening of the system the following season. We fully test your system and make sure it is working like the day we installed it.
  • We also have an excellent referral program in place, whereby for each successful referral we receive from you, you receive a free year of service from National Capital Irrigation.

Your Three (3) Year Design Warranty

To demonstrate the confidence we have in our installed systems, we cover the design of the system for a period of three (3) years. This warranty guarantees that your sprinkler system will properly water your lawn and garden areas which are outlined in your sales agreement.  We will make any necessary changes to your system, free of charge, to ensure that there are no brown spots on the lawn, and that your garden is receiving sufficient water as outlined in your design.  

This warranty covers the sprinkler design for the initial landscape plan. Any changes you make to your lawn and garden layouts are not covered by this warranty.  Nor are issues arising from significant plant growth that affects system operation.  However, simple adjustments to your sprinkler system heads will often remedy these issues.

If there are deficiencies in the coverage of the system, they will usually be noticed within the first month of operation, however we give you three years of coverage as piece of mind!

We design and install excellent residential irrigation systems and we provide an outstanding service and warranty coverage.  We want you to enjoy your investment for years to come.