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My home has a small garden and I have very nice landscaped features. Can it be illuminated?

Certainly, and many homeowners are doing it.  Too often small garden areas are over-lit.  A few carefully positioned fixtures that highlight select landscape or architectural fixtures can create a beautiful effect while maintaining the charm of a small garden setting.

My home is on a narrow lot and I am concerned that my lighting will spill onto my neighbour's property. Can you prevent that?

Yes. The quality fixtures we use are fully adjustable and can include glare shields.  This allows our installation crews to precisely direct fixtures to light specific features of your garden.

I’ve been told that landscape lighting increases the security around my home. How can landscape lighting contribute to security?

Generally, the undesirable prefer to be out of view when causing mischief. Landscape lighting has a significant advantage because it generally uses many fixtures of lower intensity which create an even visibility around a property. It’s harder to hide.

I plan to replace my current landscape lighting system because my fixtures are breaking and lamps are always burning out.  Can you provide better fixtures and lamps?

Lamps we use in our lighting systems are long life and energy efficient.  Many lamps we use have an average life of five years or more. We can also provide LED lighting and related fixtures which offer more flexibility, use even less energy, and have very long lives.

Some landscape lighting systems use fixtures that are quite visible during the day. I feel they detract from the beauty of the landscape.  Can you avoid this?

You will choose your fixtures. Many fixtures are coloured to blend with plant foliage and are concealed in the landscape and in trees.  You will also know where the fixtures will be positioned. No surprises. Our goal is to provide our you a beautiful evening setting.

How much should I plan to invest for a nice landscape lighting system?

We work closely with each client to design and install a landscape lighting system that respects the client’s budget. Using premium fixtures and parts, and using trained in-house employees to install our systems, smaller garden projects typically start around $2000. When one considers the additional enjoyment and security this can bring to their evenings for years to come, the investment can be well worth it.

Will you be available to maintain my lighting system after you install it?

Yes. Most importantly, we use premium fixtures and parts so that your initial quality will be high. That should minimize problems and the need for maintenance. When maintenance is required, we have trained staff available to return your lighting system to excellent condition. We also maintain an extensive inventory of fixture components in our service vans.

Will the installation process damage my lawns and landscape?

There will be little, if any disruption. Our in-house employees are experienced at working carefully, and leaving lawns and gardens in very good condition. We have specialized vibratory plows to pull wire across lawns, leaving little trace. In gardens where there is mulch, the wire is placed just under the mulch, for ease of mulching and landscaping.

How do I control my lighting?

Some customers do choose to have simple on/off switching only. However, a photocell is generally incorporated which will turn lighting on at dusk and off again at first light. More sophisticated timers are also readily available, including those that will control both your lighting and your automatic sprinkler system from a single box. The choice is yours.

New System Warranty Information

We are always pleased when customers experience the beauty, functionality and security of their new landscape lighting system. However, that’s just the start. We realize that long term satisfaction is heavily dependent on the quality of the components that went into the system and the quality of the workmanship.

We always recommend quality fixtures, transformers and components to customers and these products carry excellent warranties. Although warranties do vary, many are in force for a lifetime. Consequently, all components are warrantied in accordance with the manufacturer’s product warranty and customers receive that warranty documentation at purchase.

We are very confident of our workmanship and fully warranty it. The year following your system installation, we return and carry out a comprehensive verification of your system, including minor adjustments. This is at no cost to you.

Thereafter, you can continue to count on us to keep your system operating optimally through participation in our maintenance program. For as long as you own your system, we will carry out an annual check-up to keep your system operating optimally and precisely adjusted. Each spring you will receive a Landscape Lighting Maintenance Agreement which will ask you to choose the level of service you desire.

As you might expect, certain failures in your system can not be reasonably covered by manufacturers or us. Physical damage to fixtures, components and wiring, and damage from acts of nature (e.g. thunderstorms) are not covered by warranty. Regrettably, we have also encountered situations where someone else has incorrectly serviced a system we installed. While we can repair the problems, we can not do so under warranty. Where we provide service and parts not covered by warranty, our normal service costs will apply.

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