2018 Fall Service Announcement

Contact us to schedule the closing and winterizing of your watering system. Automatic underground sprinkler systems must be winterized to avoid costly damage due to freezing.  Fall is imminent and some of our crews are now performing this important service.  Those who contact us early are most likely to get the closing date they prefer. 


Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting accents the features of your home and property that are visually appealing after dark.  With the shorter days and cooler temperatures we are spending more time indoors.  However, you can continue to enjoy special exterior aspects of our property throughout the longer periods of darkness and in all seasons with landscape lighting.  We exclusively install high quality lights and components that will beautifully light important features of your landscape for years to come. Our systems operate very efficiently, using high quality LED lighting.


Fall Installation of Automatic Lawn Sprinkler Systems

We will continue to install irrigation systems as long as the weather allows. Although the need for watering our lawns and gardens this year is ending, fall is an opportune time to install an automatic underground sprinkler system.  We will design, install and test your system this fall.  Next spring we will open your sprinkler system and you will be ready for any dry weather, regardless of how early that arrives.  Spring is typically the time when most people want a new system installed.  You will avoid that competition by acting now.  A quick call is all it takes to discuss your plans and, if you wish, set up the time for a free custom quote.



Fall is a particularly good time to hydroseed, and there is still time to get your lawn started this fall.  If your property is prepared for sodding or seeding, give us a call to determine if hydroseeding may be a better solution. 


We are a locally owned and operated business that has been serving the Ottawa region for almost 15 years.  We have hundreds of residential and commercial customers across the region, so we can always provide nearby references to assist you in your decision making.  We proudly and consistently enjoy an A+ rating by the BBB.