Hot Dry Summer

Tired of struggling to keep your lawn healthy this summer?  Reliable, cost-effective help is available.  It will attend to watering tasks every day, every summer.  Your lawn and garden beds will be healthy, green, freshly watered, and ready for another hot, dry day in Ottawa.  If you have reached the conclusion that it’s time to hand the watering duties over to an efficient automatic sprinkler system, give us a call.  We will provide a free, hassle-free quote.  

The hot days and warm evenings that are so prevalent this summer invite us to enjoy the indoor air-conditioning during the day and venture out at night when the temperatures are pleasant.  Adding landscape lighting will further increase the after-dark enjoyment, attractiveness, and security of your landscape.  We install premium landscape lighting systems that will provide beautiful lighting and years of service.  Quotes are free, so email or call and we will design and install the landscape lighting system that invites enjoyment of your landscape at night.