A Testimonial from Rahul Kochar, Vice-President of Operations, Phoenix Homes

When I was in the market for an in-ground sprinkler system, I was looking for a company that would provide a high quality product and the service to back it up. In my research on these systems, I placed my priority on high quality components coupled with and effective system design.

I had a few companies provide me with a quote. While the major companies typically were using similar parts, little was said regarding the actual design of the system other than the number of sprinkler heads that would be placed on the property.

When I met with Craig de Schneider from National Capital Irrigation Systems, I was pleasantly surprised with the knowledge and enthusiasm he displayed when reviewing his quotation. He was very thorough in his explanation of the proposed sprinkler system, ensuring that my lawn's present and future watering needs would be facilitated. I discussed with Craig my future plans for landscaping my property, including a proposed deck and fence. He assured me that his design took into account the possibility of such changes and would be expandable.

Having had an irrigation system at my previous residence, I was also aware of the annual service programs for these systems. Craig assured me that each of his systems includes two years of free servicing, on top of the extensive warranty. When I compared this quotation to the competition, I felt I was making the right decision in having National Capital Irrigation Systems design, install and service my sprinkler system.

Following the installation at my house, I soon had Craig install an irrigation system at our company's main office on Bentley Avenue. Both systems have performed exactly as promised - trouble-free.

I recommend National Capital Irrigation Systems to our homebuyers. They do an admirable job.

Rahul Kochar B. Comm, MBA
Vice President of Operations
Phoenix Homes