A Testimonial from Gisele P.

I was asked by Craig de Schneider to comment on the installation and service provided by National Capital Irrigation Systems. I was the very first client of National Capital Irrigation. Craig was just starting his business and I hired his new company to install an underground sprinkler system in my front yard. My front yard required lawn watering plus focused watering of various plants beds.

My decision to have an underground sprinkler system installed followed the replacement of my front lawn due to an insect infestation. I was determined to keep my new lawn in good condition, and I knew that my own priorities did not lend themselves to regular watering of the lawn.

I was very pleased with the underground sprinkler system installed by National Capital Irrigation. My new lawn flourished and I quickly came to the conclusion that I would be wise to have the system extended to include my side yard and back yard. This posed a larger challenge because of walkways extending down the side of my house. Again, I contracted with National Capital Irrigation to install the remainder of the system.

When installing the remainder of the system, National Capital Irrigation removed and replaced the sidewalk as necessary to complete the installation of a system that now evenly waters all my lawn and plant beds. Four years have passed since my system was installed. Each spring National Capital Irrigation comes by my home well ahead of the watering season. They open the system and make any adjustments necessary. My experience has been that the system operates flawlessly throughout the summer and late in the fall, National Capital Irrigation comes by and winterizes the system.

I remain very happy with my investment in an underground sprinkler system. My lawn has never looked better and I have never had to resort to spraying to keep weeds or insects at bay. I was pleased with the installation done by National Capital Irrigation and I remain a completely satisfied customer.

Gisele P.